Get FISA Right


We advocate rejecting the politics of fear, revisit the flawed FISA Amendments law and Patriot Act, and safeguarding the people's rights under the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. We started in 2008 organizing on, ran TV ads Obama's inauguration, and helped organize resistance to Patriot Act reauthorization in 2009 and 2011. Since then, we've sprung back to life for the ongoing FISA and Patriot Act battles ... and now in 2020 we're still ready to fight for our civil liberties.

About Get FISA Right

The "Senator Obama, Please Get FISA Right" group started organically before a group of volunteers helped it go viral in 2008. As the MyBo group gained a large following, we used a wiki/collaborative process to create an open letter to Obama. A vast amount of blog coverage led to MSM coverage, and in unprecedented fashion Obama responded to the group both on MyBo and on the Huffington Post. We lost the legislative battle -- but we were successful at helping change the national debate, and are often cited as an early successful example of social media for activism. We followed that with ahead-of-our-time approaches like running crowdfunded TV ads during the Republican National Convention and Obama's Inauguration, and an intersectional alliance including the Dream Activists in the Ideas for Change competition. About us and This time, we're writing the history have more about our beginnings.

In 2020, FISA is back on the front pages, after the Inspector General's report in December showed major abuses in the FISA process. Section 215 and other authorities of the Patriot Act will sunset unless they are renewed by March 15, and politicians in both parties are calling for significant reforms. Grassroots activism can help make a difference here. Follow the action on our blog, Twitter, Facebook, and MeWe.