"Don't let our Constitution die" ad

The script and visuals for the ad were finalized on July 12-16; see threads here and on the getfisaright discussion boards.

Thanks to SaysMe.tv for all their help on this -- and the 20+ people who gave feedback and great suggestions here, in the discussion thread, and in email.

  • 1-5 The Fourth Amendment protects us from unreasonable searches and seizures.
  • 6-10 On July 9, 2008, the Senate passed a bill to amend FISA, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.
  • 11-15 This new bill permits warantless wiretaps -- illegal searches -- with little oversight
  • 16-20 and mocks the rule of law by not holding telecom companies accountable.
  • 21-25 Don't let our Constitution die. Join us at getfisaright.net

The ad was covered in techPresident, on NPR, Wired, Slashdot, Third Pipe, and the National Journal.

The postscript

One version on YouTube had an additional postscript, a direct appeal from a member asking people to join us at getfisaright.net. Our plan was to do multiple versions of this over time, to take advantage of the diversity of people involved in Get FISA Right by appealing to different audiences; that hasn't happened (yet). There were sound quality problems with the original version featuring John Joseph Bachir, and so SaysMe.tv shot an alternate ending. Here's the script-in-progress for the first one:

Get FISA Right person:

Don't let FISA interfere with our constitutionally protected rights... That's the message we present in this ad.

I'm ___name___ from the Get FISA Right movement, and we'd like you to join us. With the FISA bill recently passed, making warrantless wiretapping legal and giving immunity to telecom companies, we need to get this on the air now.

shift to SaysMe.tv person:

And I'm ____other name___ from SaysMe.tv, and we're excited to be working with Get FISA Right to give you one more way to help.

SaysMe allows anybody to run ads on TV, with your name attached as the sponsor. It's an easy and extremely effective way to do something meaningful in the fight to keep our Constitution alive. With the battle continuing after the vote, it is urgent that we fight back and make sure everyone knows what's at stake.

shift back to the Get FISA Right person

Here's how it works. Go to the SaysMe application found on getFISAright.net. Just fill in some information, like when and where you want your ad to run, and you'll get to see how it will look on TV. You'll get an email with the air times you can forward to your friends, and you can ask them to run ads as well.

Please join us -- the time to act is now.

To run your own anti-FISA ad, and to find out other ways you can fight for freedom, join us at getFISAright.net.

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