Distribution Center

This page is the central hub for Get FISA Right team members to coordinate the distribution of action items through our various communications channels

Communications channelDetails for distribution
Primary contact for questions/maintenance/updates
Organizing for America email list: SenatorObama-PleaseVoteAgainstFISA@groups.barackobama.com
  • Must have admin approve emails
  • Original email list for Senator Obama Please Vote Against Fisa My.BarackObama.com group
  • Mark Dorelester: markqd@comcast.net
Get FISA Right google group: get-fisa-right@googlegroups.com
  • Private
  • Used for old organizer
  • Essentially defunct
  • Harry Waisbren: hwaisbren@gmail
Get FISA Right discussion google group: GetFISAright-discussion@googlegroups.com
  • Google group that has received more recent and extensive action
  • Questionably defunct?
  • Harry Waisbren: hwaisbren@gmail.com
Facebook: Fix the Patriot Act and Fisa group
  • Key to ensure limited messages
  • Create events in place of messages when applicable
  • Generous messaging of event groups
  • events for phone calls, tweetchats, markups, etc.
  • Posting on wall can be as extensive as possible
  • Harry Waisbren: hwaisbren@gmail.com
  • Jim Burrows: brons@eldacur.com
Twitter: @GetFISARight, GFR twitter list
  • Twitter list being constructed by Amy Ringenbach
  • @GetFISARight: Harry Waisbren: hwaisbren@gmail.com
  • GFR twitter list: Amy Ringenbach: ringb561@yahoo.com
Blog: GetFisaRight.wordpress.com
  • Promote meetings with a post beforehand
  • Post can/should be linked to when promoting through various other channels
  • Key takeaways post afterwards that includes meeting link, notable chat transcript, and summary of the meeting.
  • Harry Waisbren: hwaisbren@gmail.com

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