Draft statement from group to Senators

Linda's original mail to the list:

Because we are a group of > 18,000 with a common position on FISA, I thought we might consider putting together a statment as a group and then sending it (fax for example) to the Senators firedoglake identified below (and then tothe rest of the Senate - as we must represent most if not all 50 states). http://firedoglake.com/2008/01/23/fisa-fundamentals-trust-us-does-not-cut-it/I put together a draft of a possible statement. The points are taken from the wiki page that Jon has put together.The weight of 18000 folks that have come together within a short span of time with a commongoalmight be pretty compelling and could make a strong statement. It would be really great if we could somehow get all 18000+ names/locations.

It'll be hard to come to agreement, but certainly worth trying. Here's the current draft in progress. Feel free to edit or discuss in a discussion thread at the bottom of the page.
Honorable Senator _______, The "Get FISA right" group is made of of 18326 (and growing) citizens from all over America that have come together over the past week and a half with the shared view that the pending FISA legislation H.R. 6304 is bad for our country as it erodes our civil rights and undermines the Fourth Amendment. Our concerns with the FISA bill are:
  • It damages the rule of law by introducing retroactive immunity for telecoms, thus ensuring the dismissal of all cases pending against the corporations that may have facilitated the warrantless wiretapping programs over the last 7 years.
  • It permits only minimal court oversight.
  • It permits the government to continue surveillance programs even if an application is denied by the court.
  • It limits access of FISA reports from the Attorney General, Director of National Intelligence, and Inspector General only to Members of Congress serving on Judiciary or Intelligence Committees.
We respectfully request you
  • vote YES on the Dodd-Feingold-Leahy amendment.
  • vote YES on the Bingaman amendment
  • vote NO on the unamended FISA bill
  • and work with your colleagues in both parties to ask them to do the same.
You can visit us at http://my.barackobama.com/page/group/SenatorObama-PleaseVoteAgainstFISA

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