Fight FISA on TV, round 2: the conventions

With the conventions coming up and new ads on the way, it's time to officially launch the Fight FISA on TV campaign and start promoting the ads. This page is documentation and discussion of the plan-in-progress.

Please get involved, in the discussion threads (also visible at the bottom of the page) or by making changes using the "EasyEdit" button!

We now have three ads available; scripts are here and here

John McCain would do the same
Status: submitted for approval

Don't let our Constitution die
Status:available for purchase

Republican Senators voted for FISA
Status: submitted for approval

Objectives of this phase

  • Message testing of images (tombstone, parchment of constitution); partisan/non-partisan options; and tag lines
  • Ongoing coverage, both of FISA as an issue and of Get FISA Right's interesting new approaches
  • Education of public on John McCain's statements on the issue and Republican Senators' voting records
  • At least 200 paid ad placements by mid-September

Is recruiting to the myBO, Facebook, or MySpace groups an explicit objective at this point? Are there other objectives we should add? Please use the Questions/discussions about objectives thread to discuss!


Dates with (estimate) are best estimates and subject to change due to random events!
Dates with (?) are proposals and haven't yet been finalized.
Items without a date and just ? need to be discussed.
Please use the Questions and discussions about timing thread to discuss

  • Now: "Don't let the constitution die" ad available for purchase; all three videos on YouTube (1, 2, 3)
  • August 25: Blast mail to mailing lists, Facebook group, Wiki, etc. with instructions; start blog/ally programs; media release available
  • August 26new ads available for purchase in the system and at http://getFISAright/ad
  • August 25-28: Democratic Convention
  • August 31-September 2: Rally for the Republic
  • September 1-4: Republican Convention

Deadlines for purchase

It theoetically takes 48 hours for ads to be purchased once they're approved. Which leaves the following deadlines

  • August 25 (estimate) deadline for purchasing ads to be aired during Democratic convention
  • August 26 (estimate) deadline for purchasing ads to be aired during the Rally for the Republic
  • August 27 (estimate) deadline for purchasing ads to be aired during the Republican convention

Tasks and owners

some owners say ???, meaning there's no owner yet. if you'd like to do this, please edit and put your name down!

some lists end with who else? If you've got other suggestions, please put them down -- along with your name if you're willing to be the contact person

Please use the Questions and discussions about tasks and owners thread to discuss

Non - promotion tasks

  • Set up a paypal account to allow for pooling of the ad money in case other approaches don't work.
  • Background page for each ad. It explains, briefly and clear, with references, what the ad is saying. Ie, for the Republican senators, we simply include their votes on the issue. For John McCain, we need statements he's made about 4th Amendment violations.


  • Media release or blog post. See the Draft media release/blog post page for discussions in progress and current version.
    • Draft:Linda
    • Send draft link to "friendlies"
      • people who have written about GFR in the past: Jon probably has the most contact here
      • SaysMe contacts: Brendan
      • local Minn-St. Paul (Denver) media, maybe focusing on biz or TV reporters
      • who else?
    • Send draft link to bloggers:Communication action team
    • Release to media:???
  • Contact anti-FISA ally groups
    • Strange Bedfellows: Jon or Aviva
    • EFF: Jon
    • ACLU:
      • national organization: ????
      • ACLU blog: ????
    • DownsizeDC: Jon
    • Senator Feingold, Dodd, Leahy, etc's offices: ????
    • who else? your suggestions here!

Other promotion ideas

Please use the Other promotion ideas? thread to discuss

  • Release parts of the videos under Creative Commons licenses to make it easier for others to reuse?
  • Contact Olbermann (etc.) and try to get them to cover the ad
  • Place video on viral video sites
    • Can we use Facebook, iLike and MySpace more effectively?
  • Have a page with instructions for how people can help promote the ad and video
  • Contact state blogs in the markets where the ad is available
  • Contact allied groups like Strange Bedfellows, EFF, ACLU. (who else?)
    1. let them know we're willing to make the videos available to them for remixing/retagging for their organizations
    2. ask them for assistance in getting the word out about our ad to their members/supporters

Note that non-partisan organizations like EFF and ACLU may not be able to endorse the ads. However, their members are intersted in the issue, and so they may well be able to cover this as "an interesting activism story".

  • Contact candidates who have announced their opposition to FISA -- similar to #1 and #2 above, including letting them know that we're willing to share the video aspects
  • Use events on Facebook,, MySpace?
  • Attempt to re-engage with the group

Open questions

  • How precisely can we target timeslots? For example, is it possible to focus on the midnight-2a.m. slots for delegates in Minneapolis/St. Paul, choosing zipcodes of the hotels they're (mostly) staying in?
  • Do we want to target particular cities? Prices for a couple of possibilities are here.