Fill the gallery for the vote

Original suggestion via the wiki:

The last possible thing we can do to try to affect this vote is to show up AT THE VOTE in the Senate gallery. It is open to those holding passes from their Senators. I think if there is any way to make contact with the MBO FISA group and notify them of such a plan, and have any members in the area call their Senator's office and ask for a pass to the gallery on Wednesday perhaps their presence might have some kind of effect. A full gallery would certainly be something different for our lawmakers to behold.

We'll also want to publicize this via a Facebook event -- and perhaps have an online component (multiple people live blogging?) for those who can't be there in person.

Details being developed ... please put your feedback and ideas here in discussion threads!

Suggested process:

  1. start up a thread on the discussion forum -- put the link on this page
  2. send out mail to the myBO list, pointing them here and to the forum
  3. set up a FB event in the main group there, and invite all the members [not sure just how to do this], asking them to forward
  4. tweet about it, with a cleverly-chosen tinyurl for this page
  5. try to get the word out on other social networks -- tribe for example has great events; enlist DC-area bands on MySpace to help
  6. get to work on the signs etc.

How to Get Senate Passes:

  • Call your Senator and ask for a pass to the Senate Gallery. Office numbers can be found here.
  • You will need to visit your Senator's office to pick up your passes. This map shows the location of the Senate Office buildings within the Senate Complex.
  • You probably want to call this Capitol information line: 202/225-6827 for information about what you can and can't bring into Capitol complex and other announcements

  • is there a way for people who can't get passes in time to be involved -- perhaps meet outside the Capitol?
  • what about people who aren't in DC -- perhaps similar events at some Senators' district offices?

Quotes for the vote: Selections from messages to our list for use on the Gallery Signs