Frequently asked questions

Questions that come up again and again ... please check here before mailing the list!

NOTE: Because the group is growing so fast, this FAQ will be posted to the list a few times a day. Please put any quesitons and comments below -- or mail Mar Zipan from the list. Please be careful to not mail the entire list with your comments.

1] Help, I'm getting flooded by email! What can I do?
You can cut down on the amount of email you're receiving without leaving the group.
  1. make sure that you are logged in to my.BO-- go here, and if you don't see a login screen, then you are logged in:
  2. go here:
  3. Select the "Receive a daily digest" or "Do not receive emails" option
  4. click "Change my subscription".

You'll still be in the group (which is important, since numbers count here!), but you won't be under the email deluge.

More information on the email list is at

2] What can I do to help?

Joining this group is a great start, but it's only a start. We need your help! Here's a list of a some simple, easy things you can do:
It only takes about ten minutes to do everything on that list. If you do it once a day, you'll have made a major difference.

3] What other information is there about FISA, telecom immunity, and Barack Obama?

The resources page on the wiki is a great place to start.

4] I'm so angry about the FISA bill that I can't form coherent sentences! Can you help?
Yes we can! Here's a page that will help you out:

5] I hear there are a lot of people in this group. How can I see how many there are right now?
Look for the group called "Senator Obama - Please Vote NO on Telecom Immunity - Get FISA Right" in the list on this page:
In less than one week this became the #1 group on As of July 6 it is still growing rapidly with more than19,000 members.

6] If I post to the list will Senator Obama or one of his staff read it?
The Obama campaign is aware of our group and thinks it's great that this discussion is happening on myBO. However, we don't know wether they'rereading our posts.
For other ways you can let them, please see