Getting started on the wiki

Welcome to the Get FISA Right wiki. This is a community wiki: anybody can join in the discussions and edit pages. This page has some getting-started information ... if you've got questions, please ask them here!

To find out what's going on
: the home page is the place to go for an overview. The Discussion Forum shows the active threads, and Updates has a list of the most recent edits. You can get to all of these from the tabs near the top of the page.
To explore in more detail, use the search box and "site pages" menus on the left-hand side.

To join the wiki: click on the Join this Site button near the top right of any page, or use your Facebook profile via Facebook connect

To see who else is here: there's a Members link at the top of each page, as well as a nascent introductions thread ... please take a moment and introduce yourself

To participate in a discussion thread: just hit reply. no formatting, alas.

To send a message to one or more people: find their profile in the Members list, and click on their picture. That'll bring up a popup, which gives you various options -- including Send a message. If you want to add more people, click on the To: box in the message.

To edit a page: click on the EasyEdit button near the top left. the toolbar at the top lets you format things and add photos, videos, RSS feeds, and widgest from other sites. when you're done, click Save in the toolbar. if you haven't used wikis before, a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • don't worry too much about getting things perfect right off the bat. you can always clean it up later -- and others might help.
  • the wiki keeps a complete history of edits, so if somebody screws things up totally (which will almost certainly happen) we can always go back.
  • to add a YouTube or Hulu video, click on the Video button in the toolbar
  • to embed a UStream video or Slideshare presentation, click on the Widget button, and then chose Other Widget. Cut-and-paste the embed code from UStream or Slideshare. You can then adjust the widgets size and right- or left-justify it before clicking Save.
To create a new page: use the add page link on the left (just below the menus), which will give you a pop-up where you can give the title. once you hit Save, your page will be created; then click EasyEdit to edit it.

To see previous versions of a page: use the History link at the bottom of each page.

To add a to-do: click on the Add a to-do link at the top of every page.

To upload a file: click on More tools, then Add Attachment. To find it, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page, and you'll see a section labeled Attachments.

For more about Wetpaint wikis: the FAQ and Wetpaint Central are good starting points.

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