Guidelines for Email Discussion Groups and Web-based Discussion Forums

These basics should be familiar - they are the same guidelines used to moderate the myBO listserv, with the exception of the last line:

  • Spam: Please do not advertise any product or service, however admirable, to the list

  • Duplicates: Please do not send multiple copies of the same message. Occasional repeats of action requests are ok.

  • Flames: Please do not personally attack your fellow list members, we're trying to have a civil debate here.

  • Letters to Senator Obama: Please send your letters directly to the senator, and post them on our blog.

  • Off topic messages: This is a list for discussion the FISA legislation and its relation to senator Obama's campaign. Please do not send messages here on other topics, however worthy they may be.

  • Trolls: Moderators will let argument and discussion through, regardless of the point of view expressed. However, messages which are baseless, personal attacks, or designed simply to provoke will not be permitted.Egregiously excessive posting by a single individual over the course of a day will also not be allowed.

Please also keep these additional guidelines in mind:

  • Respect others. That means, do not be rude, do not lash out (even if someone else started it), do not waste others' time with one-to-one conversations that would be better served in e-mail.

  • This is a political advocacy discussion group, not a chat room. Respect others, and don't waste their time by forcing good posts off the bottom with bandwidth wasting chit chat or unrelated material.

    • Limit the "n/m" type messages and one liners. Example: "Ha Ha n/m" or "Thanks!" -- these types of messages should be sent to the individual rather than the group unless you have something to add.
    • No shout outs. This includes "Hey Dawg, check yo mail!"

  • Do not post racist or hateful material. Err on the side of caution. This means no racist comments, full stop. This group is not a place for racial or sexist bigotry or ethnic hatred.

  • Please keep cursing and street slang to a minimum, we want to please a wider audience. In simpler terms, speak appropriate English.

  • Don't worry about your spelling or grammar here -- we are a casual crowd and want everyone to feel comfortable. And don't worry about other people's spelling and grammar either.

  • Do not post in all caps. It is considered shouting on the internet and bad nettiquette.

  • Profanity in the Subject is grounds for deletion regardless of message content.

  • Excessive profanity, especially when used to flame another board member, is strongly discouraged and will usually result in deletion of the message or entire thread, regardless of content, merit or value to others.

  • Keep user names non-offending. For example, would be immediately banned, as would -- we trust you know what is appropriate.

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