Harry's Parking Lot

This page is the location where Harry begins planning for future projects and generally lays out his thoughts not necessarily related to current priorities.

Furthermore, it will act as a hub to coordinate communication with others through designated "parking spaces". These spaces will facilitate efficient discussions in which groups can much more easily stay on the same page.

Topics to consider:

Parking space projects

Diversified outreach

  • ideologically and demographically diverse tweetup on #patriotact
    • Sponsorship from #p2 and #tlot
    • Crowdsource effort to contact as many as possible from the Tweet Progress directly with an invite
    • @jdp23: ooh! how about a Twitterchat SERIES, w/Q&A from ACLU, EFF, Cato etc -- and maybe also Judgenap, Feingold,...
    • @jdp23: (a) great source for info for jounalists,bloggers, etc. (b) a possible social media story (c) deepen engagement
  • Campaign for Liberty outreach
  • Judge Napolitano outreach
  • DownsizeDC
  • NRA
  • Ron Paul
    • Go through, and help build more of, a connection to Alan Grayson
  • Julian Sanchez
    • He told me that I will be the first to know when he makes progress on conservative/libertarian outreach
    • Take advantage of his Glenn Greenwald connection
New Facebook Campaign
  • Engaging a more wide swath of our FB group through FB action designed to pick up even more followers
  • Connect with ACLU presence on FB, and invite "friends of friends" to participate in our campaign and join the group
Media Targeting
    • Marcy Wheeler is not liked by MSNBC producers, but is friends with David Shuster
    • Marcy suggests Julian as somone who could get on
    • Kevin Bankston spoke out against Obama administration on the patriot act on Olbermann
    • Jane Hamsher has been getting on Rachel Maddow increasingly
  • Blogosphere
    • Firedoglake
        • Marcy said she would link to us
    • Marcy said she would contact Bowers about Sestak speaking out---much Open Left applicability
      • I emailed Bowers about medium is the movement theiss and it's impact on me, and he sent back a very nice email in return
    • Think Progress
    • Greenwald
      • Go through Julian potentially