Inauguration ad

January 20: on the air in DC!

Thanks to all for your help.

Stay tuned for more!

Working with SaysMe, we'll be creating two cable TV ads that will be runnable for several months after the inaugration as well:

- the one on this page, congratulating President Obama and letting him know that we want to work with him to get FISA right. In addition to President Obama, our audience for this ad is our 23,000 members, the media, and other politicians -- in other words, people who already know what FISA is. The message is "this issue isn't going away ... and neither are we!"

- one for a broader audience, who may not be familiar with FISA, getting people to understand what the isue is and why it matters. We'll hold off on shooting this one until 2009. see Innocent Words, misinterpreted.

For more background on the ad and process, see here.

visuals: photos of Get FISA Right members scrolling across the screen, parchment image of the constitution in the background


0-5 seconds: Even though we disagreed with your position on FISA last July, we worked for your election victory ...
5-10: and are excited to be part of the change you're bringing to Washington.
11-15: We're ready to help, and look forward to working with you
16-20: to restore our Constitution and the rule of law.
21-25: Congratulations, President Obama. (cut to Please ... get FISA right.


  • Dec 9: first conference call to discuss; notes here
  • Dec 12: draft script
  • Dec 13: second conference call
  • Dec 15, 3 PM: lock script, visual descriptions to
  • Dec 19: Production complete by
  • Dec 23: Approved and available for purchase, uploaded to YouTube
  • Jan 7 (?), media release, conference call
  • Jan 13 (estimated?): first ads run
  • Jan 20: Inaugration day