JUSTICE Act organizing

The JUSTICE Bill will add strong new checks and balances to the PATRIOT Act in general, especially those provisions dealing with the government’s authority to issue National Security Letters. If passed, the bill would also establish critically important protections for Americans against surveillance authorized under the FAA and completely repeal the FAA provision intended to legally immunize telecoms like AT&T that illegally assisted in the National Security Agency's warrantless wiretapping program.

Given the end-of-year deadline for Congress to act on PATRIOT Act reauthorization, things are expected to move quickly, with the bill being reported out of committee as early as October 1.

We're having organizing calls on Thursday, September 24, and Saturday, September 26. Please follow the Get FISA Right on Twitter or blog for updates.

Organizing phone call Saturday, noon Pacific/ 3 p.m. Eastern
1-309-946-5100, access code 869727

Dialin info and RSVP on Anyvite and Facebook. Agenda coming soon.

Most recent update: Friday evening, September 25


  • spearhead a broad and diverse coalition: progressives, libertarians, moms, feminists, womanists, millennials, migrant rights, ...
  • focus on social network sites (especially Facebook, Twitter, and OFA) with blogosphere's support can we do YouTube and MySpace as well?
  • initially focus on Senate Judiciary Committee members; after markup on October 1, broaden attention to full Congress -- and to Obama.
  • target politicians and media
  • GFR's current active members and allies are the initial "hubs" in the network; viral spread via social media, and attention from traditional media, will fuel growth


  • Thursday, September 24, 5 p.m. Pacific: first organizing call
  • Saturday, noon Pacific: organizing call; act.ly petitions and Facebook threads created
    • talking points
    • instructions for Twitter
    • instructions for Facebook
    • instructions for bloggers?
    • email for people to forward and/or tailor
  • Saturday afternoon or Sunday: launch
Talking points

Working groups -- if you're interested in joining, please let us know!

  • Talking points: Chip, Mark, Joan, Dawn, Jon
  • Feminist, womanist, and Mom outreach: Cyn, Sarah, Tracy, Jen, Deborah
  • Progressive outreach: Jason, Adam, Tracy, Harry
  • Libertarian outreach: Julian
  • Twitter: Tracy, Jim, Gina, Cyn, Maegan, Harry
  • Facebook: Ben, Jon
  • OFA/MyBO: Mark, who else???? (Jon's currently trying to recruit)
  • Digg: Steve
  • "Inside Washington": Mark
  • advertising: Brendan
  • Get FISA Right blog: Patrick, Thomas, Jim, Harry

Resources needed

  • List of House and Senate Judiciary Committee members' Twitter and Facbook pages
  • Talking points
  • A very brief survey of the history and issues.
  • List of endorsing organizations
  • Media list
  • Instructions for Facebook campaign
  • instructions for Twitter campaign and Getting Started on Twitter
  • Instructions for bloggers: including links and how to include an act.ly widget
  • Tweeting points and "status of the day"


Timeline for the first phase

  • September 19: trial act.ly "thank you" petition and Facebook thread
  • September 22: 11 a.m (Eastern) House Judiciary Committee hearing;
  • September 23: 10 a.m (Eastern) Senate Judiciary Committee hearing; Twittercast on the #patriotact hashtag -- see the tweets here.
  • September 24, 10-12 a.m. (Eastern), The progressive revolution will be tweeted: a chance for visibility. w00t! we got mentioned in the introduction! Is there an equivalent event for libertarians?
  • September 24, 8 p.m. (Eastern) organizing phone call
  • September 25, late a.m (Eastern) (tentative) Jon hopefully on agenda of Privacy Coalition phone call to discuss Computers, Freedom, and Privacy conference. A chance to mention the weekend campaign? Draft collateral ready: talking points, Twitter/FB addresses of politicans to target, instructions for Twitter, FB, bloggers.
  • September 26, 3 p.m. (Eastern) organizing phone call
  • September 26/27: launch Twitter and Facebook campaign targeting committee members (and leadership?) Revised collateral ready, also including brief statement of history and issues
    • use act.ly and #patriotact tag on Twitter, wall-writing and group on Facebook (can we leverage @-tagging?)
    • blog support -- need to have talking points, instructions for embedding act.ly widgets available
    • consider Facebook advertising if we can find somebody with budget
    • digg campaign on September 27/28?
    • viral video online?
  • October 1 (estimate): markup in SJC

Longer-term possibilities

  • ???? launch OFA campaign and air "Congratulations, President Obama. Now please get FISA Right" ad.
  • ???? open letter to President Obama.