This movement needs a logo. Should be something simple and bold that would read well as a small button on a blog.

Please upload thoughts and sketches. (To upload a picture when you're editing, click on "Photo" and then "Upload new photo" in the popup.)

Here's a simpler version of the Obama-based logo we've been using on Facebook: this scales better. I've included a 100x100 and 50x50 version, adjusted to be optimal at those sizes. Please start using it right away! -eeblet

Large simpler logo 100px simpler logo 50x50 Simpler logo


logo from myBO group the group's current logo

How about something similar to Sonya Hipper's Stop Real ID Now! logo? the rainbow colors symbolize the diversity of the people and organizations involved; plus it looks really pretty when posted on Facebook or MySpace. Other sizes (and a cool animiated GIF by Law) here.

Stop Real ID Now! logo


So, here's an idea for beyond Tuesday, based on those simplistic little political quizzes.

liberaltarian" logo liberaltarian" logo liberaltarian" logo

It's probably not feasible - but please join the discussion below to help me figure out approaches! Thanks, eeblet.

Get FISA RIGHT This can be altered to say most anything concerning FISA or the president oath, like, Preserve the Constitution!


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