Media Resources for Patriot Act & FISA Reform

This page will be used to aggregate resources for media to cover Patriot Act and FISA news and action campaigns.

Get FISA Right has now launched our new Open Letter to President Obama

The USA Patriot Amendments Act of 2009 (HR 3845 bill pdf via EFF):The FISA Amendment Act of 2009 (HR 3846 bill pdf via EFF):
  • Like Sen. Feingold’s JUSTICE Act, this bill provides a substantial number of new checks and balances to curb the government’s spying powers under the Patriot Act.
  • This bill is directed at reforming last year’s FISA Amendments Act (FAA), which broadly expanded the government’s authority to wiretap Americans without warrants.
  • Even worse, the FAA did this by granting immunity to telecommunications companies who broke the law through assisting in the NSA’s warrantless wiretapping program.
  • Fortunately, this bill repeals the FAA's telco immunity provision
  • Very importantly, this bill prohibits the "bulk collection" of Americans' emails and phone calls amidst many other reforms
  • For more details, EFF has provided a pdf section by section analysis.

Ongoing CampaignsNews RoundupOther Resources
  1. Our Open Letter to President Obama
  2. Tweet from our list of Suggested Tweets
  3. Send this EFF action alert to your congressman
  4. Take ACLU action: Ask your representative to co-sponsor the USA Patriot Amendments Act of 2009.
  5. Send a Letter to the Editor using our template
  1. Feingold, Wyden, Durbin will receive evidence on section 215, the "business records provision" from AG Holder
  2. Kim Zetter's Handy Chart Tracks Proposed Amendments to the Patriot Act discusses CDT's side-by-side analysis of the House and Senate bills
  3. HJC Chairman John Conyers takes to the Huffington Post to discuss the Patriot Act reform bils
  4. The Center for Democracy and Technology discusses how the House Patriot Act bill draws broad support on account of National Security Letter fix:
  5. Jon Pincus posts on social network activism and the future of civil liberties
  6. EFF explains the two new surveillance bills

About Get FISA Right:

The "Senator Obama, Please Get FISA Right" MyBo group started organically before a group of volunteers helped it go viral in 2008. Bloggers were undoubtedly instrumental in that effort through their writing----and we need your help again today!

As the MyBo group gained a large following, we used a wiki/collaborative process to create an open letter to Obama. A vast amount of blog coverage begot MSM coverage, and in unprecedented fashion Obama responded to the group both on MyBo and on the Huffington Post. We lost the legislative battle--and the content of Obama's response was not what we were hoping for--but we were successful at helping change the national debate, attaining Obama's attention, and successfully opening up a direct line of communication with him.

Now, with PATRIOT Act and FISA reform coming up, many of us are back and ready to expand upon last summers' successes. Please join us Organizing for America, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and Wetpaint.

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