Media room, July 8-20

A snapshot of the Media room after its first couple of weeks of existence. Please see the Media room for a current version.

If you write or blog about us, please refer to us as the "Get FISA Right" movement; we'd also appreciate it if you mention and link to and our group President Obama, Please Get FISA Right. Thanks!

  • NEW July 20, 1PM EDT: Senator Obama's hat-tipped us in his Netroots Nation video:
    We’ve got more than a million volunteers on They’ve planned more than 70,000 offline events through the system, made millions of phone calls from home, and formed thousands of grassroots advocacy groups, including one you might have heard about recently. Now, these tools are a terrific way for everyone in this room and the broader progressive community to take action and own a direct piece of this campaign. This is one of those moments in our history when we have a chance to create a real grassroots movement and lay the groundwork for a lasting progressive future.
    Thanks, Senator!

    Somethoughts about strategy going forward, and some very rough plans for the week are on the wiki. The "Don't let our Constitution die" ad will probably be going up on YouTube on Wednesday, and officially launched Thursday; we'll use this as a hook to start ramping things up again on myBO and Facebook as well as

    There's starting to be a fair amount of action on the message board, The vision thread continues to be a great discussion; there's lots of other good stuff there as well. If you have any questions for members (or of the group as a whole) posting there is probably the best bet; there's also a private message feature that lets you contact or email individual members directly.

    We've assembled a collection of links to posts from group members, telling the story as it happened in our own words ... still incomplete, of course, but still an amazing collection of posts from an incredible group of people. Our broader coverage page is somewhat out of date; assistance updating it would be appreciated.

  • July 13, 9AM EDT: what next for Get FISA Right? We're considering an attempt to influence the platform;there's a conversation in progress about our future direction in the new discussion forums. Coverage continues to explode, including TIME, CNN, Air America, Meet the Press, and elsewhere. A lot of work has been going on behind the scenes putting some more sustainable infrastructure in place to complement our, Facebook, and (new) MySpace presence.
    • The Night of Facebook Action was surprisingly successful for something we threw together with only a few hours notice, reaching roughly 2000 people. 12% accepted; 7% maybe; 7.5% declined; the rest didn't get a chance to respond in time. Note that the complete list of invitees could potentially be used as a mailing list. Spot checks show that the event reached many people who weren't in our Facebook group already, as the invite got forwarded around. There's a lot to learn, including "start earlier". Expect to see more Nights of Facebook Action coming up.
    • To those framing this as a right/center/left debate: since when did civil liberties and the rule of law become partisan issues? Libertarians are just as outraged about the FISA legislation as progressives -- and so are many conservatives, centrists, independents, and people from all over the political spectrum. Please stop falling for the spin and start being responsible journalists and bloggers. Thank you.

  • July 10, 7 PM EDT: our thank/spank page is up, making it easy for people to contact their Senators and email them to thank them if they voted for the amendments and against the FISA legislation ... or to express disappointment otherwise. Also, BlogPac has generously donated $2000 to Get FISA Right. We thank them for their generous support.

    • Our open letter to Senator Obama after the vote is up on our new web site Messages went out to over 3500 people on the mailing list, roughly 2000 in the Facebook group, and to another 2000 invitees to the Facebook event; there's some overlap between the groups, so it's hard to give an exact count. It also went out on Twitter. Communications were slowed earlier becuase has once again had some problems -- not that we're casting any stones here.

      • The Get FISA Right campaign's July 7 response to Senator Obama and our July 8 "asks" were delivered in person today [July 8]; photo being uploaded soon. Our message to the Obama campaign: the more of these asks the Senator responds to, the more likely it is that he can turn the group of 20,000+ people who have learned to work together in a remarkably short time into a major asset for the fall election. Imagine these people charged up after an initial win, and now turning their energy on civil liberties to highlighting how bad McCain and the Republicans are.

      We have 1500 members in the main Facebook group. Yesterday [July 7] we started up our first Senator-specific group, for Dianne Feinstein, and it has over 115 members ... there now over a dozen groups. Some people are logging their experiences and making suggestions ("I'm in Puerto Rico, who should I call?"). We're working on getting things out more broadly today. The conditions are right for it to have a chance of growing exponentially although of course it's very hard to assess the likelihood ... we shall see!

      We are also using GetFISARight on Twitter for liveupdates and announcements throughout the day.

      • We've gotten reports that some Senators' phone lines are getting overloaded in DC. Last night [July 7], we heard that Harry Reid's voice mail box filled up by 8 p.m. [these have not yet been confirmed with the Senate offices]

      If you write about us, please be kind enough to include a link to, the myBO group, or the Facebook group. And when you get a chance, please add your link to the coverage page -- we're having a hard time keeping up. Thanks!

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