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What next for Get FISA Right? Thomas Nephew kicked off the initial discussion on the message board, JG started a thread on the email list, and Hyam asked the question on Facebook. This page highlights some of the open questions. Your thoughts welcome! Please join in any of the discussions, or the threads at the bottom of the page.

(The What is your vision for the future of Get FISA RIght thread and Strategy page reflect our thinking back in July/August time frame.)

Important documents to read

Others? Please add them here or in the thread below

FISA in 2009

Get FISA Right

Many other documents written by Get FISA Right members are linked from This time, *we're* writing the history. When you get a chance, please take the time and explore!

Some open questions

  • Do we remain a group of Obama supporters (a "loyal opposition"), or become a multi-partisan group? See comments by Carlo, Thomas, Chip, Charles, and Peter here
  • Do we remain focused on FISA, broaden our focus to civil liberties or Constitutional issues more generally, or expand things even further to include issues like the EPA's IRIS regulations? In July/August, an overwhelming majority of members supported a broad constitutional focus, and Ryan, Grampswayne, Chip and others agree here, although there are other opinions as well.
    • On the Facebook Wall, JJ asks "Has eliminating the patriot act come up yet? that would be a big step forward in constitutionalism."
    • If we decide to go that route, do we want to change our name -- and can we do that without losing our brand equity?
  • What's the right timing to crank things up again? See comments by Laura and John here and JG, kbeck, Lane, and Charles here. The ACLU has warrantless spying as #1 in the "first 100 days" section of their transition plan.
    • When is this issue likely to come before Congress? Action needed: find out the best estimates of the legislative calender (from the ACLU).
  • How can we communicate more effectively? See the discussion between Frank and Thomas starting here.
    • How to get back in touch with our 23,000 members on (myBO), most of whom unsubscribed from the email list? (The email list currently has 2680 subscribers, although some of those accounts may have been abandoned back in July; Joan's test mail got about ? responses.)
      • Should we reopen the group's mailing list as an unmoderated list, at least to try it? Thomas proposed reopening the list here, and Andy agreed in a reply; Lee raised some concerns; an overview of the discussion so far is here.
      • Update, November 30: is the competition a good reason do do this? Jon thinks so.
    • How to communicate with President Obama? Frank kicked off a thread and suggested weekly videos; Jenny suggests using, and Jon suggested another open letter.
    • How best to use social network sites like Facebook, MySpace, BlackPlanet, Bebo, Twitter, etc.?
    • Is there a way to work with the new Daily Kos site Congress Matters? Ryan kicked off a discussion here.
  • How to collaborate with groups like EFF, ACLU, Strange Bedfellows, People's Campaign for the Constitution (PCC), etc.?
  • How do we make decisions on questions like these?

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