October 27 organizing call targeting discussion


Jon: priority in the house continues to be looking for co-sponsors for the bills. In particular, targeting the judiciary committee members

Jon: marcy made good points in blog thead, now is a good time to think straegically in broader picture. Like role of Jane Harman

Marcy: Harman is one of the poeple in teh hosue who can make or break a vote. Will probably be a leader on this when Obama admin comes in to prevent any real reform from happening. Becasue she is being primaried, I think we should try and reach out to Marcy Winograd about making a public statement to undercut.

Marcy: Steny Hoyer will support whatever the administration wants. would be nice to prevent Harman from giving blue dogs cover. She apparently said some good thigns today at CAP. One of my co-workers said she was pretty supportive of refomr, but I don't really trust her

Jon: she is a co-sponosr of 3845.

Marcy: rememer that Pat lEahy was a sponsor in the senate. She won't be at Thrusday's hearing but has clearance to get htat kind f brirefing

Marcy: presumably tey give the same presentation ot hte senate. one thing I'm going to try to get up tomorrow some time is asking where these contacts are. Haven't been charged. Been used to help detain Zazai.

Marcy: people who are looking like aren't innocent but were used to argue for criminal intent in the court. That is exactly the problem that this set up is goign to elad to

Mandy: we are working on co-sponsorhsip, have judiciary targets. Will ahve action alert for the whole house tomorrow.

Mandy: based on lobby meetings, theya re starting to hear us, frm oru members and lists.

Mandy: classified briefing we have been tryign to shore up people. Met with all judiciary members but 2. If you remember, when the senate was daling with markup, after classified briefing things started to fall apart. We are anxiou about htat

Jon: I do think harman is a real pivotal figure. Convenietnly enoughf roma s ocial network perspective, boht her and Marcy Winograd are on twitter. We still don't have a huge number of people involved, one option is to focus our resources, or to try to go broad.

Jon: not sure how to do that, ahrd to give precise enough isntructions to do that effectively

Jon: what about Tammy Baldwin? Mike Quigley? new and theys hould be no our side on this.

Marcy: why? why wouldn't they want to make the administration ahppy. not Baldwin, but Quigley, and you might see some weird Rahm relationships. New members want Obama on their side.

Jon: fair question.

Amy (Jon lists co-sponsors of bills): that's a start. Being in Pennsylvania right now, thus far in the senatorial campaign, I am discovering that MR. Specter will say anythign to garner himself votes

Jim: he deos seem to be leaning towards civil liberties on a number of times when he's speaking about things. That seems to be a way he thinks he cna gain some traciton, from the poele who used to support him as a republican and people who might support hm as a democrat. Pool them by going that way.

Jon: this is part of what mkaes Jane Harman so attractive as well. As Marcy pointed out, she's facing a primary challenger

Jim: her oppostion makes a good target, if we can find a way to reach her and convince her to focus on civil libertis

Jon: also didn't hear optimistm about targetting succesful, with possible excepiton of Jane Harman. Focus initial efforts on her?

Jon: Marcy, I hear what you're saying about Baldwin and Quigley, but I think it's worht trying anyhow. See if we can stiffen their resolve.

Marcy: we need eveyrone on HJC, if we lose FISA, then we'll lose the thing we did in SJC. Have a center base to work off of, and I metnioend before that we should be focisngf on Schiff or Schultz, becasue they are likely to lead oppposition to Conyers bill.

Marcy: I put up a call yesterday and will do it tomorrow. Am targetting everyone btw now and next thursday, really think we need ot hit Schiff and Shultz. Here we got the leaders, like I said before, also get Berman on board because he has been good in the past.

Marcy: other person on that list is ellison. he has beena amjor supporter of rights for Muslim Americans

Jon: somethign on FB to target Shiff and Wasserman-Schultz, hopefully something on teh profile wehre they can respond, could you include a link if we get something up?

Marcy: i'd need to get it obviously in my email

Jon: if we can get it ot you by late tonight?

Marcy: that shoudl work.

Marcy: my focus tomorrow is on everybody, want everybody to walk into the briefing on thursday asking certain kinds of questions. btw thruday and next weds when htey makr this up is when I thinkw e start hitting waserman aschlutz ad schiff.

Jon: makes sense. I just don't know any way to do the everybody stuff effecitvley on scoail networks. You got hte table iwth everyone' number, coudl expand it to include links to proifles, but that seems too confusing.

Marcy: Wexler on twitter?

Jon: might be on FB

Marcy: he is really close to obama admin, but nevertheles might be worht targeting

Mark: isn't he retiring?

marcy: yeah

Jon: he's on FB but not twitter apparently

marcy; hit wexler then, can't hurt. He likes to wrok these angles

Jon: ok

Jim: (just attacked by his cat---hope your'e ok!!): he has a fellow he'd like to see replace him who claims to be interestd in same issues. Might want to look at his potential succssor.

Harry: utility of primaries as seen by Specter's flip flops. Macy Winograd will become more important, but don't want to alientate Harman if we comes on the right side.

Marcy: when you metnioned sestak, I can talk to Bowers about that.

Jon: that's a great point.

Marcy; he's not HJC, but speaking otu to house as a whole

Jon: something I got form both ACLU and EFF is if we can get non-judiciary co-sposnors that's useful. Not as good as jucidiary but still sueful, would show, but Chris Bowers has a really good narrative about how progressives are getting engaged and using netroots strenght. Getting anyobdy to step forward who is being pressured by us adds fuel and gives evidnece.

Amy: i'm not workign for Sestak, but he's my congressment. Speak with them very often. Also epak with Sepcter's people. I'm very involve din progerssive issues around the state. Tehy call me

Amy: what do you want me to propose to them?

Jon: I think teh ask is to sign on as cosponsors. Last year at netroots nation he talked about being uncomforable about NSLs. On FISA, if memory serves, he's unliekly to sign on as a co-sponsor. Can focus on Patriot Act reauthorization though.