Summer 2008 Social Networking Strategy

We're creating a Communication Action Team to reach out to social networking sites. Please see here for more.


  • longer-term, add a Page in addition to the group. organize around Nights of Facebook Action, and a major event for "the first 30 days" of the new inauguration. couple with events for meetups.

  • for an indication of how rapidly groups can currently grow in Facebook see The Snowball Effect experiment (not affiliated with Get FISA Right)



Digg, reddit, etc

We occasionally send out mail to the group with things to digg -- we've made things "popular" a couple of times. There's a social bookmarking page with more. We also try to include digg (etc.) links on our coverage page. Please help out!


Get it on Slashdot!


[insert plan here]


[insert plan here]