Talking points

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Talking Points

  • The U.S. Constitution is the bedrock of our way of life. It is not a left or right issue, it is not red or blue or even purpose - it is an American issue. Conservatives, liberals, progressives, and moderates alike share a pride in our Constitution, and we will all stand together to restore the ideals set forth by our forefathers.

  • Electronic surveillance, particularly FISA, is a complicated subject that cannot be explained in today's sound-bite driven media. We are working, though, to educate the public... on? We are launching a television ad campaign to help build awareness...

  • FISA has been a much hotter campaign issue than analysts, media, and candidates had anticipated. We will unveil a program soon that will provide information to the public on Congressional candidates' positions on FISA. We expect the issue to gain even more traction as the election season progresses.

  • Most of our members are Obama supporters. We believe that we have strengthened the Obama campaign by providing a feedback mechanism and by demonstrating the strength and passion of Obama's grassroots activist support.

  • The Obama campaign allowed us to use their tools to provide feedback in great numbers even when we disagreed with his senatorial vote on the FISA bill. He responded to our open letter and made high-level staff available on his campaign website to answer questions regarding his vote.

  • Barack Obama has asked his supporters to get more involved in the policies being developed and enacted by Congress. He has asked us to go one step further -- to hold him accountable for the decisions he makes as a senator and as our future president. We are answering his call. While we challenge Obama on FISA, we applaud him for encouraging us to do so.

  • Our members will be attending the Obama Platform Meetings in their communities across America to speak out on the issue of FISA and to fight to ensure this issue is revisited when our new president and new congressional delegation take office in 2009. * We will be promoting candidates who support FISA reforms in this year's congressional elections. We will be researching candidates and posting profiles on our website so that activists can support candidates that support FISA reform.

  • Movements generated quickly out of online social networking tools are a new phenomenon in politics. We have few predecessors: the anti-FARC protests, the Stop Real ID Now! campaign,

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