This time, we're writing the history

The first two weeks

Writings, videos, the group or individual members from the early days. Many of these links are no longer valid; some have been moved other locations and can be found via Google searches, others are available via, and some (the links, discussions in the Facebook group, and the forums) are no longer available on the web.

  • the official debate thread, collaboratively authored,Senator Obama -- Please Say NO to Telecom Immunity and Get FISA RightFacebook group, July 9. [Facebook registration required to view.]

After the vote

  • Strategy and Priorities, version 27, uncredited, the wiki, last edited July 12. A retrospective on the strategy of the early days.
  • Statistics, version 78, uncredited,, last edited July 15. Subpages include more detailed statistics on the first week, and participation rates on the email list.
  • A rebirth of freedom (?), Chip Pitts, GFR organization group phone call, July 15; transcript in progress.
  • Community blog on, collaboratively authored by the Get FISA Right group, June 26 - present

This revolution *will* be advertised

Now what?


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